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What Makes Goa A Perfect Investment Destination?

TATA Rio De Goa

The tourism industry in Goa attracts both national & international travelers. According to a survey, "In the year of 2018 Goa has witnessed approx 8.1 million visitors and in these numbers, approx 1 million were international tourists". This is about 21% more in-comparison of the last years, and in 2019-20, this trend is going to upwards, making Goa the best tourist destination in Asia.

Year Total Arrivals(in Millions) % Change
2010 2.6 Null
2013 5.2 +50
2018 8.1 +30
TATA Rio De Goa

In Goa, especially the southern region these days grabs a higher investment proposition in comparison to other parts of Goa, thanks to the peacefulness, rising infrastructure, and rising commercial activities take place here. And other reasons that make South Goa a best real estate investment destination are attractive ambiance, multi-ethnic lifestyle and has good access to entertainment avenues.

Goan's culture & lifestyle is marvellous and its touch of western culture and tradition becomes a magnet for the Indian tourists constantly. As well as, the ROI (Return on Investment) can always fetch better value compared to any other parts of India. Goa is also undeniably the most preferred holiday destination of India, making this an exclusive opportunity for you to take a huge advantage from this rising tourism industry in Goa by investing in a holiday home.

Residential properties in Goa are available at a very affordable price in comparison with the cost of residential properties in big metropolitan like Delhi NCR & Mumbai. You can buy a luxury apartment in the best regions of Goa at a very attractive price. We all like to invest in best residential properties, and Goa might just be the best place with the best residential options.

There is a variation in residential property price in Goa depending on the regions and infrastructure developments. If you buy a small apartment in Anjuna that start from Rs. 43000 per square meter, the same configuration you can buy in Aldona at the average price of Rs. 39000 per square meter.

Here are the price estimations of the best regions in Goa where you can look for available residential properties.

Localities Average Price of residential properties
Aldona Rs.50 Lacs  for 2 BHK Apartment
Anjuna Rs. 3 Crore for 3 Bedrooms Villa
Bogmalo Rs.50 Lacs  for 2 BHK Apartment
Betalbatim Rs. 55 Lacs for 2 BHK Apartment
Calangute Rs. 60 Lacs for 2 BHK Apartment
Colva Rs. 75 Lacs for 2 BHK Apartment
Dabolim Rs. 45 Lacs for 1 BHK Apartment)
Dona Paula Rs. 4 Crore for 4 Bedroom Villa
Mapusa Rs. 42 Lacs for 1 BHK Apartment
Margao Rs. 47 Lacs for 2 BHK Apartment

These are only few localities in Goa among many where you can invest in residential property.

Shops, retail stores, showrooms and malls are available in different parts of the Goa that will bring viable business opportunities for the investors.

Here are some of the commercial properties price estimation in the best regions of Goa.

Localities Average Price of Commercial properties
Arpora Rs. 150000 per sq. meter for Shops
Pajifond Rs. 125834 per sq. meter for office spaces
Caranzalem Rs. 223880 per sq. meter for office spaces
Fatorda Rs. 150000 per sq. meter for office spaces

There are many other places where you can buy shops, office and showrooms etc. In addition to this, there are resorts & hotels are available for sale. Buyers have numerous choices to calculate the viability and invest in commercial properties in Goa.

Goa's economic growth is thrust by the excellent performance of tourism and mining industry. In the starting of 2019, Goa had a total installed power generation capacity of 550.19 MW and Goa is also one of the few states in our country to achieve 100 percent rural electrification. Goa has its international airport and a Greenfield International airport to serve better as a globally-recognized leisure destination.

Recent developments in Goa
  • Under construction second Greenfield international airport
  • New policies to promote exports for manufactured goods and surplus agriculture products
  • Growing merchandise exports US$ 2.10 billion in FY18 and US$ 1.87 billion in the first quarter of 2019
  • Rs. 981 Crore approved for Panaji Smart City
  • Goa has currently 38 mines with reported production of 6.08 million tonnes in 2017-18

Data from real estate investment experts & from different property portals reveals that in many regions of Goa property value have gone up by 20 - 21% yearly even as the annual rental yield stands at 4 - 5%. So, if you put your residential property for rent in Goa then you can recover 4 - 5 percent of the property per year. This estimation is based on the average rental values and varies, conditional on the property types and exact location of the property.

While you are not holidaying in Goa and your holiday home is vacant, do not let the property go waste. You can rent it out, many visitors prefer to live in private property rather than in a hotel. By renting out your holiday home in Goa you can generate a source of income. You can earn good rental during the Christmas & Year-end, as Goa is a very popular destination for New Year’s getaway.

Big metropolitan cities in India are now becoming uninhabitable as they are covered with pollution, and there are only a few places are left where you can inhale fresh air and get eye-soothing greenery. Fortunately, Goa is a perfect place with fresh air, the abundance of greenery and metropolitan culture. It is a perfect place in India for a long trip to charge and rejuvenate your exhausted cells.

Affordable Cost Of Living – Goa is a place that fits in every budget, the basic cost of living is less in comparison of other tourist destinations of India.

Modern And Green – Goa is a perfect mishmash of greenery, metropolitan culture, beaches, restaurant, nightclubs, hangout places and many other things you want to lead a perfect life.

Friendly People – Goans are friendly people and they are ready to welcome you in their city with open hearts & arms.

Best Holiday Homes Investment Opportunity in Goa

When it comes to real estate investment, there are only two things which matters a lot - Location & Real Estate Developer's Reputation. And there is only one residential project in Goa Tata Rio De Goa where you will get these both important things with exclusive opportunity to buy your holiday home in Dabolim, South Goa. Tata Housing Goa promotes this residential project as "The Goan Hometel" built as a home, managed like a hotel. This residential project brings you self-reliant homes managed by Tripvillas that is inviting you to live a truly privileged life.

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