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What Makes Goa A Perfect Investment Destination?

TATA Rio De Goa

Goa is a state in Western India most open to the world for holidaying & real estate investment. The coastline of Goa is extended from 106 Km from north to south and 255 Km long inland waterway. This state of India is famous for clean sandy beaches with coconut trees, tropical flora fauna, seafood, feni, port wine, kokum juice, Portuguese-style houses, old churches, rice fields, and the list goes on and on.

Goan's culture & lifestyle is marvellous and its touch of western culture and tradition becomes a magnet for the Indian tourists constantly. As well as, the ROI (Return on Investment) can always fetch better value compared to any other parts of India. Goa is also undeniably the most preferred holiday destination of India, making this an exclusive opportunity for you to take a huge advantage from this rising tourism industry in Goa by investing in a holiday home.

All these make Goa a tourism hub that provides jobs to umpteen numbers, the state is also home to esteemed educational institutes. This state has countless reasons to entice real estate investors. Some of the best reasons are:-

Tourism is the highest contributor to Goa’s GSDP under the service sector

The state recorded tourist arrivals of 8 million in 2019 and is a key contributor to the Goan economy. The tourism industry directly contributes 16.43% to Goa’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and directly employs 35% of the state’s population. The state hosts numerous social and cultural events on the world level annually.

Tourist Arrival Statistics
Year Domestic Foreign Total Percentage
2020 MID 876358 282022 1158380 -
2019 7127287 933841 8064400 0.61
2018 7081559 933841 8015400 2.95
2017 6895234 890459 7785693 22.98
2016 5650061 680683 6330744 19.5
2015 4756422 541480 5297902 30.55

Different data from reliable sources has confirmed that property price of Goa has rise by approx 20 percent yearly at the same time as the average annual rental yield is approx 5 percent. Typically, if you buy an apartment in Goa and put it on rent, you can get approx 5 percent or more of the property cost per year. This estimation is based on the average numbers and could be more dependent on the location and type of the project.

Price Trends of South Goa in 2021
Locality Avg. Price in Sq. Ft. Price Range in Sq. Ft.
Sasmolem Rs. 5310 Rs. 2750 - 10779
Chicalim Rs. 8778 Rs. 3200 - 83999
Zuari Nagar Rs. 4354 Rs. 3636 - 5454
Bogmalo Rs. 4107 Rs. 3107 - 5232
Vidyanagar Colony Rs. 8705 Rs. 4166 - 83333
Pilani Rs. 4831 Rs. 3209 - 6261
Sancoale Rs. 5321 Rs. 3636 - 20000

The other best reason is the cost of living in Goa, but this cost of living in Goa differs from region to region. For instance, North Goa is full of activity and visited by most of the tourists. And that’s why the cost of living in North Goa is higher than in South Goa.

This is the average cost of living in Goa for a small. We have covered almost every expense category here:

House Rent 22.6
Pregnancy 12.4
Home Improvement 8.7
Groceries fruits & veggies 8.2
Maintenance, repair and replacement 7.7
House help 7.3
Kids expense 6.8
Food Drinks 4.7
Healthcare 3.5
Insurances 4.2
Transport 2.6
Clothes, shoes & personal effects 1.4
Gifts 1.1
Entertainment 0.4
Saving 8.4

  • Knowledge-centric The state plans to be a knowledge-centric destination in the upcoming years.
  • Beauty and serenity To save Goa’s biodiversity, follow responsible mining and develop more tourism sites.
  • Value chains to success In the financial year, 2020-21 per capita GDP of Goa was Rs. 523,390 which is the highest in India and equal to Brazil and the state aims to double it in the next 25 years.
  • Governance Plans to emerge as the top well-governed state in India by 2035.

With the name Goa, the only things that come to our mind are night parties and carnivals, but this state is also known for its peaceful lifestyle and relaxation destination. If you are looking to unwind, head towards South Goa as it is much more peaceful than North Goa. From the Goa Airport, you can hire a car or a taxi and drive about an hour south to Agonda, Canacona, or Galgibag. There are many regions in South Goa where relax on the beach, swim, enjoy delicious food, and enjoy a spa; a perfect way for relaxation.

Best Holiday Homes Investment Opportunity in Goa

When it comes to real estate investment, there are only two things which matters a lot - Location & Real Estate Developer's Reputation. And there is only one residential project in Goa Tata Rio De Goa where you will get these both important things with exclusive opportunity to buy your holiday home in Dabolim, South Goa. Tata Housing Goa promotes this residential project as "The Goan Hometel" built as a home, managed like a hotel. This residential project brings you self-reliant homes managed by Tripvillas that is inviting you to live a truly privileged life.

Unique Features of Tata Rio De Goa

  • Roof Top Infinity Pool
  • A New View Each Morning
  • Lounge By The Pool
  • Party in Goa Style
  • Yoga With A View

Goa & Tata Housing both are ready to offer you the best of both worlds, what are you waiting for?