Choose The Best Property For Investment In Goa!

Goa is now not only considered as a land of holiday destinations but also appears as a strong candidate in the middle of the real estate micro-markets of India. Personal residential property in Goa presents the grand opportunity to have the benefits of a second home and a smart real estate investment that has only been appreciated at price. As the best tourist destination for local and international tourists, this region ensures that rental income is good and resale value is appreciated with time. The given below are factors to keep in mind while investing in Goa Residential Property:

Type of Property:

Real Estate in Goa offers a buffet of investments to match different requirements & financial plans.

Tips To Choose The Best Property For Investment In Goa!
  1. Opt for non-agricultural land if you want to follow a long-term investment plan or want to build your independent property. Here you need to check the title deeds of the available property carefully. 
  2. A traditional Goan home with open land around it is a perfect investment opportunity to be transformed into a hotel, store, restaurant, or home. Here you need to be prepared to spend some extra money for renovations according to the theme. 
  3. Invest in a residential property under the banner of any reputed real estate developer, that has already been developed or under construction. Any reputed real estate developer in Goa can offer you apartments, floors, duplex, and villas with the best amenities & services at a very attractive price. Here you need to decide first that you are looking for property in Goa as a property for rent out, your dream home, or as a part of your retirement planning. 


Choose the tenure of your investment plan.

  1. Short-term investment planning comprises rental earnings and immediate resale just after possession. If you want to go for rental income in Goa then you need to choose the property where you will get maximum potential and low maintenance cost. Here you need to find the best location in Goa that attracts more & more tourists for rental housing and select the best property type for this purpose. For example: – Demand for residential apartments is very high than villas or bungalows in Goa when it comes to residential property. 
  2. Long-term investment, as its name, suggests here appreciation in the value of the property takes a long time. This option is perfect for the millennial with money to spare.

According to the real estate experts, residential property in Goa yields annually approx 14 – 16 % returns. 


Beach, Villages, or Neighborhood 

When it comes to the location of properties in Goa you have generally 3 choices coastal, villages, and neighborhood. Generally, most of the luxury villas in Goa tend to be positioned away from the beach in peaceful locations of villages. Apartments are positioned in the cities many real estate developers these days present apartments nearby the beach. 

Before choosing the location for your home in Goa you need to consider these questions:- 

  • If you are looking for a holiday home plus rental income, and then you should prefer to be near the hustle and bustle.  
  • If you are looking for a holiday home and prefer peace quietness, then you need to choose a villa or bungalow in a village away from the city. 
  • If you are looking for a home for your family, then you should prefer a residential project positioned amid the best schools, markets, hospitals, and other day-to-day necessities. 

North Goa or South Goa

The real estate market of Goa is divided into two micro-markets (North Goa & South Goa). Both parts of Goa have heavenly beaches, traditional villages, and towns. But still, there is a big difference in both locations when it comes to real estate investment. The northern part of Goa is rich with lots of commercial developments, entertainment activities, and attracting more tourists every year. 

On the other hand, the southern part of Goa is peaceful & beautiful with good rental & resale value. Here you can buy the best luxury property at a very reasonable price from the best real estate developer like Tata Rio De Goa from Tata Housing. You will find that Tata Housing presents not just luxury holiday homes but an appealing luxury standard of living experiences.